Butterfly Education

View hundreds of educational videos taught by experts and categorized by application on the Butterfly Education video platform. You can also use the Educational View Guidance tools to improve your scanning techniques.

Educational View Guidance tools

Enhance your scanning techniques.

Improve your ultrasound scanning techniques with Educational View Guidance tools. Learn how to capture the optimal A-lines/B-lines lung views and A4C, PLAX, or PSAX cardiac views.

Educational View Guidance tools

Learn how to master lung ultrasound

The Butterfly Education platform is a diverse video library of ultrasound education taught by experts. We’ve shared two examples below that are focused on how to use the iQ for lung scanning.

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Basic scanning technique.

Learn the basic technique on how to evaluate the lung surface for sliding and artifacts using your Butterfly iQ.

Optimizing your lung image.

How to optimize the imaging plane to ensure you’re evaluating the lung surface from a perpendicular angle.