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Disrupting an entire industry comes with a learning curve, we’ve designed Butterfly Education to make this learning curve seamless. The Butterfly Education platform is a diverse video library of ultrasound education taught by experts. Learn how to evaluate dyspnea, diagnose sepsis or perform upper extremity vein access. And so much more.
Make faster, more confident decisions.
At the bedside.

You probably know the fundamentals. Now, let’s master your interpretation skills.

On the go.

For you, speed is everything. Learn the ins and outs of the Butterfly iQ+ so you can assess confidently in seconds.

In the classroom.

Get the basics down pat so you can thrive, as practice becomes your practice.

Included in your subscription.
Your iQ+ subscription grants you access to this evolving and ever-growing platform designed to educate, one video at a time.

Image acquisition.

Capture better images faster.

While the iQ’s simplicity is refreshing, its features run deep and making the most of this depth requires some knowledge. Don’t worry, our image acquisition videos can teach you everything you need to know.

Image interpretation.

Rapidly improve your image interpretation skills.

Our image interpretation videos will help you understand exactly what you’re looking at and will instill the confidence to make decisions based on what you are capturing.

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