Ultrasound workflow, now ultra-mobile.

Scan with your iQ or any ultrasound system. Document findings on your mobile. Integrate directly with your EMR. Hello Butterfly Enterprise.

“Making ultrasound workflow mobile and integrated is going to notably help facilitate quality improvement processes, drive credentialing and ultimately improve the treatment of patients.”

Dr. Rachel Liu, Yale University

EMR connected.
Device agnostic.

We’ve built mobile, secure, collaborative solutions throughout your workflow, giving you time back to focus on what really matters — patient care.


One probe, whole-body imaging.

Experience a single-probe, whole-body ultrasound device that plugs right into your phone or tablet and fits in your pocket. It’s as simple as it can possibly be, starting under $2k. Easy to adopt, easy to deploy and built securely for mobile collaborative teams. Now used by tens of thousands of physicians across the globe.


Worksheets on the go.

Create custom pre-filled worksheets, complete them on the go, and attach as many as you need to your studies. Say goodbye to paper piles, inefficient workflow interfaces, and additional IT support.

Integrate with EMR, PACS, and cart-based systems.

We play really nice with others. Butterfly seamlessly connects with your systems, whether that’s your EMR, PACS, or even traditional ultrasound systems. Once you’re connected, you now have a centralized platform for your entire imaging workflow.

QA and credentialing made easy.

Simplify your QA and credentialing processes with new tools that empower you and your users, making it easy to review work quickly and track each individual scan of your entire team. All in one dashboard.


One-click billing.

Use our one-click billing tool that removes the need to remember your CPT codes or hunt them down manually. Now it becomes part of your workflow. Easy to add, easy to complete, easier to bill.

Security you can trust.

Secure your data throughout the entire imaging workflow with our new suite of security tools that include integrated SSO, EMM for device restriction, and fleet management. Get the control you need for your ultrasound workflow.

Protected at rest.

Your data is AES 256-bit encrypted;
in the Butterfly Cloud and on the Butterfly iQ app.

Protected in transit.

Data in transit from the Butterfly iQ app to the Butterfly Cloud is protected by HTTPS, TLS 1.2 encryption.

Monitored and secure.

SOC II certification ensures access to your data is tightly monitored and secured.


See what our customers are already saying.

Dr. Elias Jaffa, Global POCUS Partners.
"Centralizing workflow has been a game changer."
Dr. Rachel Liu, Yale University
"It's going to improve the treatment of patients."

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