Point-of-care ultrasound for general practice in Australia and New Zealand.

We make it faster, easier, and more affordable for you to provide care with the world’s first single-probe, whole-body portable ultrasound system—starting at $2,999.

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We’re here to help you jump-start your practice with 3 simple steps.

Lung image visualizing B-lines in a patient with confirmed COVID-19
Step 1

20 applications. 4 modes. 1 probe.

Our onsite ultrasound can be utilized in a general practice setting, decreasing the need for patients to be transported to a hospital or imaging center. This can allow for immediate intervention or specialist referral. From lung and cardiac to bladder and Vascular Access, scan the whole-body with a single probe.

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Ultrasound ultra-simplified.

Use the Butterfly iQ+ to accelerate earlier diagnosis and reassure patients with confidence. In-office ultrasound can help you facilitate immediate bedside investigation of dyspnea, abdominal pain, infection and assess fetal health.

Screening for AAA.

With a maximum scanning depth of 30cm, use the Butterfly iQ+ to screen for AAA confidently in your office for patients at risk.

Detecting cellulitis.

Onsite ultrasound can help you detect cellulitis vs. abscess. Use the Butterfly iQ+’s soft tissue or MSK preset to look for classic cobblestone appearances in a patient with acute cellulitis.

With sound

Assess fetal health with OB calculations.

Butterfly iQ+ can assist in aging, staging, and bedside pregnancy assessment in the clinic with our calculations for AFI and fetal biometry. Get immediate diagnostic feedback and parental reassurance when using your iQ+.

Step 2

Quickly learn the basics of ultrasound with free tutorials.

Free resources to bring you up to speed in a matter of hours. Learn the basic techniques of point-of-care ultrasound, how to use your Butterfly iQ+, and how to make the best interpretation from leading industry leaders.

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3D reconstructed image of an auto-acquired bladder volume
Step 3

Make your best decisions faster with smart AI tools.

Visualize, analyze and verify patient scans faster. You can now calculate an ejection fraction of the heart in seconds, visualize your patient’s bladder in 3D, and auto-calculate the bladder volume with confidence without having to roll in a separate bladder-scanner.

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